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Our team has experiences in architectural field for more than 20 years, focusing on mixed development, shopping malls, designer suites shop offices, medical center, high rise residential and more.

We have a diverse team now, focusing on providing one-stop services for commercial office, retail design, individual residential housing architectural design beginning of 2018.

“ The Greatest Danger for Most of Us is Not That Our Aim is Too High & We Miss It, but that is Too Low & We Reach It”

~ Michelangelo~

We believe that each situation and context requires new architecture. Our homes should inspire us to go out into the world to do great things & then welcome us back for refreshment.

Our team of designers, architects, researchers, communicators, business professionals who are willing to explore, question, and improve the built environment.

Our company pillars and objectives are Happiness, Fun, Friends, Family, Ethics, Sustainability, and Reward for effort. 

If you are one of those like-minded, passionate and enthusiastic individual, interested in sustainable architecture for your next building project, contact us today.


What We Do



8 steps to making great design and clients happy

Depending on scale and requirements of projects, the following services should be regarded as a base guideline.


01 meet & learn


We meet & learn about your design concerns and your purpose in renovating your interior space or new build for commercial, residential, institutions, hospital and more. Going through general design brief questionnaire/design intent with you prior to:

  • Preparing feasibility studies

  • Preparing preliminary conceptual sketch proposals to interpret the project brief

  • Developing the conceptual sketch proposals into sketch designs to a stage sufficient to enable an application to be made for planning approval (if required)


  • Preparing preliminary estimates of the probable construction costs based on current area, volume

  • Preparing & submitting drawings and other necessary documents to the relevant approving authorities

02 hit the books


We do our research on existing site context, precedent studies, your design requirements and learn more about your industry. This way we can give you the best, most unique design solution possible.

03 draw it out


We sketch out ideas to create as many different concepts as possible, choosing the ones that suits your needs the most.

Upon approval of sketch designs by either the relevant approving authorities / client, we develop schematic design drawings to a stage to enable other consultants (where necessary) to commence their detailed design work (plus project coordination/ management) 



04 flesh them out


We take our concepts and flesh them out. Here we create variations of each concept to suit multiple spaces and keep a consistent story across the whole design concept.

05 show the work


We present these space planning concepts along with mood board to you, explain the rationale behind each concept and. Why they would be successful. You then provide us with your feedback and what you feel resonates best with your needs.

06 follow-up


We take the concept that appealed to you the most and begin to make the necessary revisions  based on your feedback. Keeping the project goals in mind, we develop the concept into a full-fledged set of designs. We follow up with you and may go through a second round of revisions to finalise the product. We’ve never gone to a third round of revisions for any client.

07 actualize


Once everything is approved, we start preparing and provide sketch layouts and drawings, including furniture layout plan, 3D, and other drawings like lighting layout or electrical layout

Now our clients get to experience
Tailor-made High-End Virtual Reality of interior space (720° tour) prior to construction!





08 roll-out


Now we roll out finalised design & working drawings (for tender and construction)

While sourcing and/or selection and purchase of loose furniture, light fittings, rugs, artwork, accessories, and more


Your green hero journey is about to start.


•Stress reduction


•Up to 200% improvement in cognitive functions


•Up to 3x increase in well-being indoors


•Optimization up to 15% in energy demand


•Improvement in work and study performance


•Improvement in behavioral conditions of autistic children and adults

Restaurant Interior


•Up to 200% improvement in cognitive functions

Private Pool


•Up to 3x increase in well-being indoors

Green Ivy on Stone Wall


•Improvement in work and study performance

How We Do it?

Place Relationships

discover how to create strong culture ties align with ecology in your spaces, generating a sense of place.

Environmental Elements

applying natural elements in the built environment.

Natural Patterns

emphasize and use in patterns that are persistent in nature 

Natural Shapes

shapes, material, patterns, that can promote indirect connection with nature.