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How can you MULTIPLY your interior space?

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Have you ever thought about your interior space? How you might work from home? Or stay at home with all your children and spouse, stuck at home during this Covid-19 pandemic? How to cope in this New Norm 2020?

Welcome to our first blog space! Architectural & Interior design is all about sharing...sharing of ideas, learning and improving through your mistakes, experience, peers, critics and more. Here, we share with you design ideas of interior space to help you (not only architects/interior designers) to cope with this pandemic!

Multiplying The Value of Space

Free-styling with Space-Saving Furniture and Design Ideas

We find ourselves spending close to 90% of our time inside a building, especially during this pandemic. Where we may find ourselves, sort of being "trapped" inside our own house with partial or full lockdown, or even work from home order from local authorities or government.

This is a good video to watch by The VELUX Group about Indoor Generation

"In 160 seconds you will decide how the story ends..."

In most cases, we neglected the importance of how we design our interiors, either is for our own home or work place, restaurant or even hotel rooms... We learnt from our parents that your daily habits and self-discipline or your inner character are the fundamentals of shaping us and our future. A good solid foundation can even shaped the world!

So...…. why aren't we paying more attention towards architectural & interior design?

Creating Your Own Safe Haven

Often so, we failed to understand the importance of planning the interior space. For architects and interior designers, it may come naturally as we have gone through years of training in undergraduate or post-graduate courses, either abroad or locally.

Here, I am going to share with you a few simple design ideas where you could start planning your interior space for this current pandemic... #staysafe #workfromhome #newnormal stay #happy #style

Working with Spaces

Design won't save the world. But it damn sure will make it looks good.

1. Function

Plan and carve out how you want your space to be.

2. Plan Your Storage

Allocate > sort > tidy > #organize

3. Keep it minimal

Less is more, more is less. The "design recipe" here is in the detailing. #Simplicity is the ultimate Elegance.

4. Color Scheme

Choose your color wisely - create your own color palette. Just remember to have #FUN in mix matching!

5. Texture

Have fun in material selection, the aim is to create a balance in all #design selection.

6. Empty Space

To create an airy and light #interior #space

7. Simplify

Select furniture with form and function - of course relevant to your décor

Take Risks. Stay #curious. #Love #Colors.

~ Kelly Wearstler

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